You've likely heard the term "Dopamine Dressing", coined by fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen, dubbed "The Dress Doctor" by The New York Times, who wrote about optimizing mood through dress in her book Dress Your Best Life. 

So why not try Dopamine Dressing in your everyday attire?


What Is Dopamine Dressing?

As we all know, dopamine is a hormone that is released in the brain when we experience happiness and joy, often referred to as the "happy hormone." Therefore, Dopamine Dressing is about wearing clothes that make you feel confident, happy, and empowered. It involves wearing clothing in colors and styles that evoke positive emotions.

It is not limited to a specific style, body type, or age; the key is to wear clothes that make you feel good.

Can our choices in women's wear affect our mood?

“Dopamine dressing is all about wearing what makes you feel good. For some people, that’s a certain fit or silhouette, and for others, it’s a particular color, print, or texture. For all of us, confidence comes when we feel our best." says Whitney Keefe,  a style expert at Stitch Fix.

So, try embracing Dopamine Dressing in your wardrobe, and dig out those precious pieces that enhance your confidence and boost your happiness.

At Nuditta, we pay attention to the emotions our clothes evoke in you and strive to provide garments that bring confidence and comfort.

Here are Dopamine Dressing Picks:

women's sexy lingerie

Style Pick:Multi-colors Embroidery Lace Lingerie Set

This Multi-colors Embroidery Lace Lingerie Set is vibrant and eye-catching, making it a perfect choice to add daily vitality. It can be worn for any occasion, offering both a striking appearance and comfort.

blue lingerie sets

Style Pick:Romantic Embroidery Lace Joining Bindings Lingerie Set

The color blue, representing a return to nature, exudes endless relaxation and tranquility. This Romantic Embroidery Lace Joining Bindings Lingerie Set, adorned with romantic blue embroidery lace and smooth satin trim, fits for any dopamine wardrobe.

Women's classy dresses

Style Pick:Lace Top Deep V -Neck Sexy Ties Back Hot Pink Split Thign Satin Midi Dress

This dress draws inspiration from the colors of the Bougainvillea flower, where every flutter of the dress is like the bloom of gorgeous flowers, as if being in a floral paradise.

sexy lingerie sale

Style Pick:Shiny Eyelash Lace Trimmed Satin Slip

Crafted from sparkling pink satin fabric and delicate eyelash lace, this piece offers comfort and leisure. Additionally, it is also available in red, perfect for those embracing bold colors.

Women's Red Sexy Lingerie

Style Pick:Bicoclor Lace Cup Satin Slip

No dopamine wardrobe is complete without some red pieces. Our Bicolor Lace Cup Satin Slip features exquisite black mesh eyelash lace, perfectly complementing the satin fabric.

At its core, Dopamine Dressing encourages us to feel good about our style and advocates for wearing happiness on our bodies through colorful outfits, ultimately promoting a positive and confident self-expression.