Thank you for your interest in joining the NUDITTA Partner Program.



1: Nuditta Advantages

●Innovative Design: We are dedicated to continuous innovation in lace, fabric, design, and craftsmanship, providing customers with unique and exquisite product experiences.
●Fine Craftsmanship: With our exceptional lace development team and professional production lines, we meticulously craft every detail to achieve perfection.
●Sustainable Development: We prioritize sustainability by employing eco-friendly dyeing methods and sustainable materials, offering customers safer and more environmentally friendly choices.

2: Affiliate Benefits

Mutual Growth: Through our alliance program, we aim to achieve mutual growth and foster a win-win partnership with our collaborators.
Exclusive Resources: As our partner, you will gain access to exclusive promotional resources, training, and support to enhance your sales and business development.
Brand Recognition: Joining our Affiliate Program will allow you to collaborate closely with the Nuditta brand, elevating your business reputation and brand recognition.


●Wholesale Partnership: If you are a physical store or online wholesaler, you can purchase Nuditta products at wholesale prices for bulk resale. We offer competitive wholesale pricing and flexible order quantity requirements.

●Customization Collaboration: If you wish to customize exclusive styles or designs, we provide options for collaboration. You can work with our design team to develop unique products that meet your specific needs and brand positioning.

●Limited Edition Collaboration: If you are an independent designer or a brand with limited edition releases, we can engage in limited edition collaborations. Together, we can create captivating and unique products that offer your fans and customers an exceptional shopping experience.

●Social Media Collaboration: If you have a significant number of followers and influence on social media platforms, we can collaborate on social media initiatives. You can partner with us to create content, promote products, or host events to attract more attention and increase sales, while we provide generous commission rates.

●Exclusive Agency Collaboration: If you have strong channel resources and sales networks in a specific region or market, we can establish an exclusive agency partnership. You will become the exclusive distributor of the Nuditta brand in that area, responsible for sales and promotion of our products.

●Dropshipping: We offer a dropshipping model where you simply provide us with the order information, and we will directly ship the products to your customers while providing you with the corresponding commission.


●Promotional Resources: We will provide you with regularly updated promotional materials, image assets, and marketing support to help drive sales and increase brand awareness.

●Product Training: Detailed training on Nuditta products will be provided, including product features, material introductions, and sales techniques, enabling you to better understand and promote our products.

●Sales Support: Our sales team will offer regular support and guidance, assisting you in resolving issues, answering questions, and boosting your sales performance.


For further inquiries or to explore collaboration opportunities, please feel free to contact us via email at

We look forward to establishing a close partnership with you and providing you with exclusive promotional resources, materials, and support to help you succeed in sales and business development. Whether you are a wholesaler, customization collaborator, independent designer, or social media influencer, we have a suitable collaboration model for you.

Contact us now, and let's create unique and exquisite product experiences together!