Nuditta's team of designers comprises a group of visionary women with unique ideas and an unwavering spirit of innovation. They understand that women desire clothing that not only transcends boundaries and serves multiple functions but also embodies beauty, comfort, and personalization. For instance, their combination of lingerie and dresses caters to both sensual lingerie wear and fashionable outerwear. This crossover design fulfills women's diverse needs for different occasions while allowing them to showcase their unique style, a demand that has garnered widespread acclaim in the American and European markets.

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With its distinctive design philosophy and environmental consciousness, Nuditta has continuously explored and introduced a series of dresses conceptualized around lingerie. From the initial underwire cup bra and underwire cup dress to the captivating eco-friendly lingerie sets and slips, and further to the integration of sensuality and comfort in versatile and fashionable dresses – Nuditta's commitment to innovation provides women with a diverse range of choices that are comfortable, attractive, stylish, inclusive, and environmentally conscious.


The Underwire cup bra dress with halter extension marks Nuditta's first foray into functional dresses. This dress, based on the Halter style Embroidery Lace Balconette, retains the cup design while skillfully combining the velvet skirt and the bra's embroidered details, exuding elegance and sophistication. The A-line skirt offers inclusivity for different body types, making it particularly friendly for women with a fuller lower body.  Two-piece combination for collection. Click to purchase Lingerie Set;Click to purchase Dress.

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Nuditta remains dedicated to sustainable development and actively incorporates eco-friendly practices. In the eco-conscious series like Recycled yarn net matching embroidery lingerie set and Recycled Yarn Net See Through Slip, Nuditta employs recycled yarns and plant-inspired design patterns. In these series, the boundaries between bras and skirts are blurred ingeniously, achieving a seamless integration. Furthermore, eco-friendly net fabrics are extensively used, minimizing the burden on the Earth. The cups and underbust in this eco-series feature exquisite and transparent embroidered lace, embodying a harmonious blend of sensuality and nobility. Two-piece combination for collection. Click to purchase Lingerie Set;Click to purchase Dress.
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While exploring the journey from lingerie to dresses, Nuditta also presents the Underwire lace top Velvet Dress. This dress eliminates the conventional cup design and adopts steel underwire cups for comfortable support. The velvet wrap-around skirt gracefully accentuates the figure, while the delicate lace straps add a touch of glamorous sensuality. Whether lounging at home or dressing up for a special occasion, this dress caters to all your needs. Whether worn alone or paired with a suit jacket, it exudes unparalleled charm. Two-piece combination for collection. Click to purchase Lingerie Set;Click to purchase Dress.
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Nuditta continues to innovate and push the boundaries of design, offering its users an array of enchanting dress choices. Be it classic silhouettes or bold styles, Nuditta has the perfect design for everyone. The brand is committed to addressing women's pain points and striving for more design innovations. We cannot wait to share our latest collections with you. Join the Nuditta community: Face Book Group, for a chance to try our dresses for free! Let us together explore the boundless possibilities of fashion and functionality.