About Nuditta


Born in a coastal city well known for its lace manufacture and lauched by Shurley,
 Nuditta symbolized a kind of island spirit: fearless and inclusive! In every challenge we encounter as an opportunity.
During 2008-2018, We develop, design and sell exquisite lace to all over the world, and establish parternship with interntioanl garment brand. 
Nuditta was born out of our many years of passion and rich experience.
 We continued this passion by boldly designing and production of revolutionary lingerie for out matching. Determined, funny, loving, alive is the personality emdow to each Nuditta piece as well as the expection on her. We encourage her to break down the boundaries for desirous life!

Nuditta invite you to join this feminine life journey...

"Doing the right thing" 

is rooted in the corporate DNA which defines the values and principles in interaction with all our partners and create a respectful, inclusive and open workplace

Our mission, vision and values convey our commitment to manage the corporate



We believe the most valuable investment is the employee


We strive to understand each member in order create opportunities to set a path for their growth and development

  • With employee from different part of the world, we championed diversity and inclusion
  • We become families by profound communication, mutual respect and trsut
  • Achieve both material and spiritual happiness of employees is our main mission.
Creating touching products, bringing consumers warm dressing experience, and becoming a trusted friend of consumers is our lifelong pursuit.



Nuditta, born for love

At the forefront of intimate clothing,
we ensure to prioritize contribution to human well-being.
We innovate human-centered and sustainable products,
committed to the possibilities for a better future for mankind. 




Driven with purpose


We keep exploring the co-workers' underlying need and inspring them to pursuing the dream.

We strive to achieve employee's both material and spiritual happiness by providing friendly working condition as well as personal value identity. 


We create the opportunities to female community by providing them with knownledge, skills and confidence.

We care about seeking balance between family and work, making them proud of their contributions to being changemakers.


We propose "People Oriented", delivering compassion and respect for our community.

We passionately participate in innovation to mitigate their challenges.