is far more than a lingerie brand.

It is a life style,

a reliable friend for her…

We encourage for openness and receptivity to the changing world, breaking down the boundaries, expressing her true feeling, and building up her expected relation.

 Interesting and fearless, determined and inclusive, Nuditta hope to inspire her a passionate day by every fashion piece in her wardrobe. 

Nuditta is far more than a lingerie brand

It is a life style


By lauching a lace innovation designer team,
Nuditta hope to enpower the design with more fashion elements,
ensuring the design soul and emotion are stitched into every piece.
We are knitting high quality exquisite lace with the best lace machine in the world. 


Nuditta works profoundly with fabric manufacturer by development, knitting, dyeing, printing ect.
 Applying sustainable yarn, we are providing the  high comfort and performance fabric for lingerie, dress, sportswear and lounge wear.


      We adopt silk embroidery art lasting for several generations from ancient China. 


Every month
we create a new collection of high quality products to reflect the color palette, print direction,and trends we feel our customers will love.

We plan 12-24 months ahead
we spend every day ensuring we deliver not only the most beautiful and exciting designs, but also the best fitting products.

Each design detail is analyzed, each occation that dress suitable are carefully considered,until we come up favorite fashion products


We love the environment as much as you do and we are committed to ecology. 
NUDITTA wants to discourage the use of disposable, single-use packaging. 

by 2024, we will completely realize a goal of zero pollution of our packaging.  

Virtuous circle

In order to reduce our environment impact,we have introduce a range of sustainable solutions. 
We promote upcycling and reusing our prototypes and offcuts.
 Unused lace and fabrics are donated to fashion school.
Unsold products are mainly donated to needed people from village area. 

Your feedback is invaluable to us,and helps us to ensure that each new range makes you feel both comfortable and confident.

 Designed with love, we feel passionate about everything we bring to you.
Our lingerie stylist are here to help tailor your fit to the perfect style of you. 
we listen to your needs and use our professional knowledge to offer advice any time.
 our experienced girl always at your service.
Fill out this short form,let us get to work for you;  Send us a mail if you have question.