Nuditta devote to become a respectable fashion corporate, generating positive social influence and contributing to reducing the burden on the planet by sustainable and socially responsible action.

We achieve environmental protection while catering for feminine intimate demand. Recycled yarn supplies, plant dye, biodegradable fabric are applied for Nuditta higher quality designs to practice sustainable and environmental protection concept. We will integrate a sustainable vision into every aspect of our product design by paying close attention to the latest material developments and exploring new materials with a lower ecological impact.


Nature has blessed us with the warm and cozy clothing material, and we are obliged to protect our planet with gratitude as return.

We believe it is our responsibility to create a clothing ecosystem that benefits our communities and the planet.

This has led us to identify gaps in the value chain and strengthen our processes to bridge these gaps, which we began by establishing a raw material production base in China to drive the growth of environmental technologies and knowledge.




RECYCLE LACE is made from recycle nylon with GRS guaranteed; it can be designed into all kind of lingerie, sleepwear, dress, IT HAS BETTER STRENGTH/ SOFT/STRETCH/SMOOTH/BREATHABLE
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For every 1lb of RECYCLED POLY,24000 BTU's are conserved. Equivalent to 0.2 gallon of gasoline. 
It is Cooling /Fast drying /UV protection/ Soil release/ Two way stretch 
NUDITTA is committed to reducing the environmental impact by limiting or minimizing the use of chemical fiber raw materials.
We are increasingly incorporating recycled fibers into our collections, which is NUDITTA's solution to the pollution of the earth.
We not only turn recycled waste into treasure, but also optimize recycled fabrics performance through technological research and development.
All recycled yarns applications are certified by international authorized labels such as GOTS or GRS.


The dyeing process strongly impacts the textile industry’s environmental footprint.
Current procedures consume large amounts of chemicals, water and energy.
By transforming the dyeing process, Plant dyeing is contributing to a more sustainable and responsible industry.
Our LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) reveals a reduction in water consumption of up to 98% compared to conventional dyes.

Plant dyes is all natural

In a world surrounded by hazardous chemicals it is reassuring to know that what is next to your skin is good for you, good to you and good for the environment
Plant dyes are the original dyes, original from the farmed plants,
Plant dyes achieves high levels of color fastness without the use of hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, mordant or salts.  
All this while significantly reduces water consumption. 
It is the eco-smart alternative to conventional chemical dyeing.
For making a better future, we are taking responsibility.
Plant dyeing is the next generation of clean, sustainable and responsible dyeing solutions.

we are very pround we are involving in this blessed career. .

We are on a mission to change the impact of the textile industry.

 We believe nature is the greatest gift to mankind. 

Handled respectfully and responsibly it can offer an abundance of resources.